Auguste (1961) Full Movie

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Watch Auguste (1961) : Full Movie Online Auguste is about an eponymous bank clerk who finds fame and fortune. Auguste happens to be in the right place at the right time to save young starlet Francine from killing herself -- or more accurately, pretending to kill herself. His supposed heroism hits the news, and before Auguste knows what is happening, a Machiavellian publicist is using him for his own ends. The bank clerk is no fool and soon thinks of a way to come out on top.

Title Auguste
Release Date Oct 24, 1961
Genres ,
Production Company Les Films Marceau
Production Countries
Casts Fernand Raynaud, Valérie Lagrange, Jean Poiret, Roger Carel, Pierre Palau, Simone Berthier, Paul Préboist, Henri Attal, André Badin, Serge Bento, Ingrid Bergman
Fernand Raynaud
Valérie Lagrange
Jean Poiret
Roger Carel
Pierre Palau
Simone Berthier
Paul Préboist
Henri Attal
André Badin
Serge Bento
Ingrid Bergman
Jean Blancheur
Christian Brocard
Claudia Cardinale
André Chanu
Luc Charpentier
Hubert Deschamps
Laurent Dumm
Pierre Duncan
Pierre Flourens
Jean Gras
Robert le Béal
Marcel Loche
Robert Moor
Jean-Pierre Rambal
Michel Salina
Pierre Vaudier