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Modern Sculptors
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Watch Modern Sculptors (1908) : Full Movie Online The first scene presents before the astonished eyes of the spectators a solid piece of marble, which the minute it is placed on a table seems to take life, and one can follow a snake-like line branding on the polished face of the stone the name of the house of Pathé Frères. As soon as this stone has been engraved, as by magic, a handsome young lady appears with a huge lump of clay covered with a cloth. As soon as the cloth is removed from the soft mass it starts whirling and turning as if stricken mad, and one is asking one's self what all the contentions are going to lead to, when the vague shape of an animal not yet discernible seems to appear, and before one has time to make one's mind as to the category of brutes to which it belongs one sees the form of a remarkably well made orang-utan modelled out of the clay, who calmly smokes his pipe. Then the statue is removed by the same winning young lady and another covered block of the same substance is carried forward.

Title Modern Sculptors
Release Date Jan 31, 1908
Genres , ,
Production Company Pathé Frères
Production Countries France
Casts Julienne Mathieu, André Deed
Plot Keywords part stop motion, silent film, trick film, short,
Julienne Mathieu
André Deed